Adding Artifacts and Attributes

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This page outlines the steps that you need to undertake to add a new artifact or attribute to TSK/Autopsy. Follow these before making a pull request.

  • C++ Framework Code:
    • Add to TSK_ARTIFACT_TYPE or TSK_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE enums in framework/tsk/framework/services/TskBlackboard.h
  • Java Code:
    • Add Artifacts to:
      • bindings/java/src/org/sleuthkit/datamodel/
    • Add Attributes to
      • bindings/java/src/org/sleuthkit/datamodel/
      • Update BlackboardAttribute.getDisplayString() if the attribute needs any special display formatting.
    • For either, you will need to update the bundle file with the strings:
      • bindings/java/src/org/sleuthkit/datamodel/
  • Autopsy:
    • Update report code to make artifact visible in table:
      • Core/src/org/sleuthkit/autopsy/report/
        • getArtifactTableColumnHeaders()
        • getOrderedRowDataAsStrings()