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The body file is an intermediate file when creating a timeline of file activity. It is a pipe ("|") delimited text file that contains one line for each file (or other even type, such as a log or registry key). The fls, ils, and mac-robber tools all output this data format. The mactime tool reads this file and sorts the contents.

The body file format in TSK 3.0+ is different from the format used in TSK 1.X and 2.X.

The 3.X output has the following fields:


The times are reported in UNIX time format.

The 2.X output has the following fields:

 MD5 | path/name | device | inode | mode_as_value | mode_as_string | num_of_links
 | UID | GID | rdev | size | atime | mtime | ctime | block_size | num_of_blocks

For example: