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The body file is an intermediate file when creating a timeline of file activity. It is a pipe ("|") delimited text file that contains one line for each file (or other even type, such as a log or registry key). The fls, ils, and mac-robber tools all output this data format. The mactime tool reads this file and sorts the contents (therefore the format is sometimes referred to as the "mactime format").

The body file format in TSK 3.0+ is different from the format used in TSK 1.X and 2.X.

The 3.X output has the following fields:


The times are reported in UNIX time format. Lines that start with '#' are ignored and treated as comments.

The 2.X output has the following fields:

 MD5 | path/name | device | inode | mode_as_value | mode_as_string | num_of_links
 | UID | GID | rdev | size | atime | mtime | ctime | block_size | num_of_blocks

For example: