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TSK and Autopsy use trackers on SourceForge to keep track of bugs and feature requests. Trackers allow artifacts to be created and people can view and comment on them. Once the bug is fixed or a feature request is satisfied, the artifact is "closed". You will need a SourceForge account to edit or create artifacts.

Bug Tracker

The bug trackers are used to keep track of what bugs have been found in the software. For a couple of years, these were not maintained, but they are starting to be used again. Use these trackers to record bugs that you find and to look for bugs to help fix.

Feature Request Tracker

The feature request trackers are used to keep track of new functionality that could be added to the software. Historically, the software had a TODO.txt file that kept track of this information, but it is being moved to this central location. Uses these trackers to record features that you want added and to look for ideas to develop.