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TSK and Autopsy use online systems to keep track of bugs and feature requests. Currently, we use two different systems, depending on the age of the project. Older projects use the SourceForge trackers and newer projects use Github Issues.

Both systems allow bugs and feature requests to be created and people can view and comment on them. Once the bug is fixed or a feature request is satisfied, the artifact is "closed". You will need a SourceForge or Github account to edit or create artifacts.

Sleuth Kit

The Sleuth Kit is organized into two components. Sleuth Kit Core is the volume and file system analysis functionality that has been around for a long time. It uses the trackers at Source Forge:

The newer TSK Framework uses GitHub for issues. Both feature requests and bugs are tracked here.

Each module in the framework also has its own issue tracker. Here are a list of some of them:


Autopsy 3 uses GitHub to track issues. Both feature requests and bugs are tracked here.

Autopsy 2 was maintained at SourceForge. For legacy reasons, here are the links:


mac-robber uses SourceForge to track issues and feature requests.