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Much of the Autopsy API docs are in JavaDocs. This page provides a high-level overview and links to the relevant javadoc packages, which contain more details.

NOTE: This needs to go away once everything is transferred to the new Doxygen docs at [1]


A case must be created before Autopsy can do any analysis. A case will have one or more image files. The Case Module documentation has information on getting access to the current case.

Nodes and Explorer Manager

Autopsy 3 leverages the NetBeans nodes and Explorer Manager to pass data around to different parts of the UI. The Node is a generic encapsulation of the various data types that Autopsy encounters. It encapsulates the data model objects that The Sleuthkit provides. Refer to the Datamodel Module documentation for details on the Autopsy-specific classes that encapsulate the more generic TSK classes.

Refer to the CoreComponentInterface Module documentation on the areas of the Autopsy UI, how to pass data between them using Nodes, and how to make new windows.

The CoreComponentInterfaces docs provide general information on the different components. For details on specific implementations, refer to: