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This page will list the third party modules that have been written for Autopsy. Autopsy comes with a set of modules, but other developers are encouraged go write modules instead of stand-alone tools.

Autopsy has many new frameworks and as more modules are written, this page will obviously get longer.

Ingest Modules

Autopsy AHBM (sdhash)

  • Description: Released as part of OSDFCon 2013 Development contest. Approximate Hash Based Matching module allows the investigator to efficiently employ sdhash in Autopsy 3. The investigator can match files against other files or sdhash reference sets during ingest, or search for similar files from the directory viewer or search results after ingest.
  • Author: Petter Bjelland
  • Minimum Autopsy version: 3.0.7
  • Source URL:
  • Release Download:
  • License: Apache 2.0
  • The video presentation is also uploaded to youtube:

Windows Registry Ingest Module

Data Content Viewer Modules

Video Triage

Author: Basis Technology
Minimum Autopsy version: 3.0.7
Description: Takes snapshots of videos so that you do not have to view the entire video to determine what it contains.
Release Download:

Windows Registry Content Viewer

Author: Willi Ballenthin
Minimum version of Autopsy required: 3.0.7
Description: Content viewer that functions something like Regedit.exe.
Source URL:
Release Download:
License of source code: Apache 2

Report Modules

  • No 3rd party modules have been publicly released.