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This page will list the third party modules that have been written for Autopsy. Autopsy comes with a set of modules, but other developers are encouraged go write modules instead of stand-alone tools.

Autopsy has many new frameworks and as more modules are written, this page will obviously get longer.

Ingest Modules

Ingest modules in Autopsy run on each data source and file that are added to the case. These modules are responsible for the big data analysis where they extract data from specific files and put the results in the embedded database.

Autopsy AHBM (sdhash)

  • Description: This module allows you to use sdhash to perform fuzzy hash matching. The investigator can match files against other files or sdhash reference sets during ingest, or search for similar files from the directory viewer or search results after ingest. Released as part of OSDFCon 2013 Development contest.
  • Author: Petter Bjelland
  • Minimum Autopsy version: 3.0.7
  • Source URL:
  • Release Download:
  • License: Apache 2.0
  • The video presentation is also uploaded to youtube:

Windows Registry Ingest Module

Data Content Viewer Modules

Content viewer modules in Autopsy display a single file in some way. The standard application comes with viewers for hex, strings, and pictures. These add-on modules allow you to view files in other ways. They are available in the lower right hand corner of Autopsy.

Video Triage

  • Description: Analyzes video files and displays a series of images so that you can get a basic idea of what the video contains without viewing the entire thing.
  • Author: Basis Technology
  • Minimum Autopsy version: 3.0.7
  • Release Download:
  • License: Closed source

Windows Registry Content Viewer

Report Modules

Report modules in Autopsy allow you to make final reports after your investigation is over. Standard modules in Autopsy include HTML and Excel.

  • No 3rd party modules have been publicly released.