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Autopsy uses Lucene SOLR for indexed keyword searching.

Regular Expressions

Autopsy allows you to find files using regular expressions. it uses the Java syntax:


You can find the SOLR configuration in:

  • Source: KeywordSearch/release/solr/
  • Installed (Windows): INSTALL_DIR\autopsy\solr

Per-case, we store the index in:

  • CASE_DIR\ModuleOutput\KeywordSearch\data


This section contains some tips for debugging SOLR issues. See also the Autopsy 3 Troubleshooting page for ideas.

  • Connect to the admin console using
* http://localhost:23232/solr/admin
  • You can see query results with a string like this (replace foo with the search term):
* http://localhost:23232/solr/coreCase/select?q=foo
  • You can get a debug query with this:
* http://localhost:23232/solr/coreCase/select?q=foo&wt=xml&debugQuery=true
  • You can do a regexp test query with this (replace foo with regexp):
* http://localhost:23232/solr/coreCase/terms?terms.regex=foo&terms=true&terms.limit=20000&terms.regex.flag=case_insensitive&terms.fl=content_ws&timeAllowed=90000&debugQuery=false
  • You can get results for a specific document (based on Autopsy's assigned object ID using) (replacing 1234 with the file's ID)
* http://localhost:23232/solr/coreCase/select?q=id:1234&wt=xml&debugQuery=true