Autopsy User's Guide

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This page contains information on using Autopsy in a digital investigation.

General Information

The sleuthkit-users e-mail list is used to discuss questions and problems with Autopsy and The Sleuth Kit. Post questions to that list if you do not find them answered on this site or the site.

Autopsy 2 Documents

"Official" Documents

These are documents and resources from Please do not remove these links as they could be the only links to the documents.

  • Help pages that are automatically updated and describes how to use the system.
  • man page that is automatically updated and describes basics of launching the program.
  • Sleuth Kit Informer contains some articles on Autopsy.

External Documents

These are external documents that have been created by other Autopsy users.

Refer to Books and Courses on TSK for books and such that also cover Autopsy.