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This page contains information on developing code for TSK, Autopsy, and related tools. If you are looking for a guide that helps to incorporate the TSK library into your tools, then refer to the Library User's Guide.

This page is a work in progress and more information will be posted. Here are some starting points.

  • The Sleuth Kit Developers list exists to discuss the development of the tools. Subscribe to ask and answer questions.
  • If you want to contribute documentation, then refer to the Support page.

Submitting Code / Patches

To contribute code or patches to the project, send e-mail to the sleuthkit-developers list. Include the new code or diffs of the changes. Code submissions should follow the TSK error handling, Unicode, and other conventions. To make the changes as portable as possible, use generic methods and libraries and avoid ones that are platform-specific. A more detailed list of guidelines is being developed.

To make diffs of the changes, run the following command on a Unix system (or from cygwin on Windows):

% diff -Nru sleuthkit-old sleuthkit-new > changes.patch

The patches and code contributions will be reviewed and incorporated into the main development if they are approved. It is also helpful to submit test images and test cases that can be used to test the new code.


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