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The Java bindings for TSK are in the official github repository as of version 4.0 in the ['bindings/java'] directory. They populate the SQLite database with the file system metadata and then create Java classes that encapsulate the data. These are used for Autopsy 3.

Refer to the [README.txt] file for building and using the bindings. The API Docs (and eventual Developer's Guide) are available online.

Developer Notes

This section contains some basic information on the Java/JNI code if you want to modify it.

  • The SleuthkitJNI class has the static Java methods that refer to the native C++ methods.
  • The naming convention thus far has been to end the native methods with "Nat" (loadDbNat(), for example).
  • When you make changes to the native method APIs, you can automatically make a new ".h" file by running the "jni" target in the "build.xml" ANT file. It will place the .h file in the tsk_jni folder.