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In several areasof the world, the principle challenge facing Water and Waste Water Utilities is that the ability to work on a firm, monetary basis. As most Utilities rely upon metering to regulate sales and their network, it's essential that the metering method is correct, making certain bills are correct and frequently sent to the customer, leading to the minimum of disputes and charges collected. All this can be important to the monetary financial gain to the Water Utility. Correct metering conjointly plays a basic role in managing the assets of the Utility by providing period, correct data on water losses, instead of wishing on applied mathematics techniques and assumptions. Electronic flow meters such as the Truflo Paddle Wheel flow meter provides the user with high accuracy +- 1% at a most reasonable price.The Truflo Flow Sensor can provide both the current flow rate and a totalizer that will keep track of all the liquid that passes through the meter. The Truflo meter has a large LED display that can be easily read from a distance. The Truflo Flow Meter also can transmitter a 4-20mA signal as well as a pulse signal. The Truflo Paddle wheel flow meter can also be used as a flow switch, the TKS model has a programmable relay that can be set…perfect for pump protection. The Truflo has true union ends in sizes from ½”-2” and can be easily installed into a PVC or CPVC line. Other types of connections are also available-Flanged 3” and 4” and NPT in metal or plastic. The Truflo paddle wheel flow meter is also capable of providing a pulse signal which can be sent to a controller or data logger. Truflo Flow Meters are perfect for water and make an excellent water meter

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