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This page contains some error messages that could be encountered when running TSK and Autopsy.

Error extracting file from image (ntfs_uncompress_compunit: Phrase token offset is too large:  1 (max: 0))

This message occurs when trying to process a compressed NTFS file that is corrupt. This can occur when a file has been deleted and the clusters have been reallocated to another file.

# blkls -f ntfs -i raw -a /dev/sde1 > /tmp/allocatedspace.dump
Error in metadata structure (dinode_lookup: More Update Sequence Entries than MFT size)

This message can occur when trying to view allocated data on an NTFS filesystem damaged by unplugging a USB drive while it was writing. This file system is not recognized/fixable by chkdsk either, and needs some reconstruction before chkdsk will work.