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This page outlines the version numbering strategy in TSK 3.0.0 and beyond. Prior to 3.0,0, there was little formal strategy beyond incrementing for each release and jumping ahead when big features were added.

Starting with version 3, a 3 number version is being used: X.Y.Z.

  • X increases by 1 when a release has new major features and the Y and Z values reset to 0.
  • Y increases by 1 when a release has new minor features and the Z value resets to 0.
  • Z increases by 1 when a release has bug fixes and no new features

For example, release 3.0.1 has bug fixes for the 3.0.0 release. A 3.1.0 release has features that a 3.0.X release does not.

Library Version: The TSK library has its own version number that is independent of the official release version. See the Library Versioning section of the Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool document for the approach that we use.

Developer's Note: A branch is made in the subversion repository for each major and minor release. Tags are made for all releases.